New Zealand supports whaling compromise

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The BBC reports that former New Zealand Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer, who now represents his country at the IWC, is calling for a compromise that would allow Japan to engage in commercial whaling: He said a compromise would lead to “a big reduction in the total number of whales killed compared with now”. Mr Palmer … Read More

Woman Sells Two Souls For $1,983

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Two souls held hostage inside blue-tinted holy water were auctioned off for almost $2,000 this week. Who are they? Her house’s previous tenants, but that didn’t stop her from making tidy little profit out of their imprisoned spirits. Avie Woodbury from Christchurch, New Zealand finally sold her two souls at auction this week for a … Read More

Kiwi student’s design to appear on Google New Zealand homepage

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Eight-year-old Kiwi student Amelia Abbott will have her artwork displayed on the homepage for millions to see. Amelia Abbot from Nelson’s Hampden Street School was announced as the winner of the inaugural New Zealand Doodle 4 Google competition in November 2009. The competition, held in association with The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa … Read More

Iceberg Pictured Floating Towards New Zealand

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Australian seal experts noticed the 700 metre long, 350 metre deep slab five miles off the coast of Macquarie Island, which lies halfway between Antarctica and New Zealand. “I’ve never seen anything like it – we looked out to the horizon and just saw this huge floating island of ice,” fur seal biologist Dean Miller … Read More

California milk ads heading to new zealand

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The California Milk Advisory Board may have shot itself in the hoof. The board, which promotes the state’s dairy farmers and is overseen by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, is again preparing to film commercials touting California milk from California cows — in New Zealand. In January, it plans to shoot part of … Read More