Two souls held hostage inside blue-tinted holy water were auctioned off for almost $2,000 this week. Who are they? Her house’s previous tenants, but that didn’t stop her from making tidy little profit out of their imprisoned spirits.
Avie Woodbury from Christchurch, New Zealand finally sold her two souls at auction this week for a surprising sum. She explained that the ghosts were captured from her house, which was haunted, naturally.
After they were captured by a professional, the spirits were then stored in vials of holy water, which she claimed “dulls the spirits’ energy.”
The spirits are supposedly an old man who lived in her house in the 1920s and a “disruptive” little girl who showed up after a Ouija session.
The spirits are already with their new owner, but what does one do with two souls in tiny jars?
UPDATE: She didn’t really make a profit, she donated the money, but I’d still be pissed if some lady sold my great, great grandpa’s soul for cash. No matter where it went.

By arkique

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