Pencil Case Urn or I Read Dead People

I am all for creepy odd things and I am fully aware that the corpse will have burnt at temperatures that will kill even the most badass nasties but this is just a little too far out there for me. Somehow it seems unsanitary and just a little disrespectful.

Pencils made from the carbon of human remains. 240 pencils can be made from an average body of ash – a lifetime supply of pencils for those left behind.

Each pencil is foil stamped with the name of the person. Only one pencil can be removed at a time, it is then sharpened back into the box causing the sharpenings to occupy the space of the used pencils. Over time the pencil box fills with sharpenings – a new ash, transforming it into an urn. The window acts as a timeline, showing you the amount of pencils left as time goes by.

This work forms part of a larger research project into post mortem.

source: Nadine Jarvis

By arkique

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