win 7 – its actualy good.. trust the japanese

It’s over. Microsoft wins. The OS wars are done.
MS’ much-hyped successor to Vista, Windows 7, has received an officially endorsed mascot in Japan, one that is far superior to Justin Long‘s condescending face, or that paper clip thing.
Akiba PC reports that the premium set of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition will come with a special wallpaper and sound set for a character called Nanami Madobe, voiced by Nana Mizuki, who also played such characters as Naruto‘s Hinata and Nanoha‘s Fate. The new OS-tan’s name, Nanami Madobe, is wordplay on Mizuki’s name and the Japanese word for “window.”
Unless Apple can come up with an equally moe mascot for “Snow Leopard” or whatever cat name they’re calling it now, it has lost.
Also, I especially like Madobe because she resembles 2k-tan, Windows 2000’s OS-tan representative. She’s so reliable, and XP was a slut anyway.


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