Slumber Party Massacre Poster
Slumber Party Massacre Poster

I don’t why I subject myself to these movies but hey maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment. Anyways this afternoon’s movie is “the slumber party massacre“. Now saw this this little gem on the Internet and I thought to myself, “boy this looks so bad as to be truly awful”. And well it was, I did a quick lookup on wiki and for a 1982 slasher film it pretty much delivered exactly on what it promised poor acting and lots of blood  and a most hilarious choice of murder implements.
Now before you go on and think well maybe “I’ll watched this movie”. I just have to tell you that like many of its contemporaries, this film used female nudity and gore to reach its teenage male audience arms so there isn’t really much in the way of plot except murdering and tits so you have been warned that this movie is all about quantity not quality.
Right so basically it’s a slumber party. Attractive girls letting their hair down and parading around skimpy clothes. It sounds like every possible male fantasy come true, except that guys aren’t invited. Of course we sneak around the house peer through the windows rattle some doors and pretty much just look at the women changing in and out of lingerie. Now the problem is that the women are  onto us, they invite us inside and then of course, a homicidal maniac starts killing everyone and guess who draws the short straw and has to go outside and try hunt him down? you guessed it the meat shields a.k.a. the dumb men.
There were some plot elements involving a basketball team and some other stuff but we all know that is not the reason anyone would watch this trash. So I won’t go into any more detail 😛
So long story short you see some breasts, there is some killing somebody knocks the killer down instead of killing them they just run away as per usual. However I did learn a couple of things basically if you think you’re getting tracked down by a serial killer or homicidal maniac don’t have sex. I also learned never to wear black panties under tight yellow shorts and most importantly back in the 80s one in four teenage girls had breast implants.

I know that there is gonna be a lot of grammar errors, this is due to my laziness and the fact that I have not  trained DNS very much or very well.

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