I just wanted a coffee and to read my zombie survival guide. Instead I had to put up with a horde of pubescent girls deciding what kind of low-fat crappacino they wanted and all I could think of while they were deciding is whether I should just kick them aside, order my long black and sit down all smug like or stand there patiently and die a little inside because coffee has become the cool thing.
Little do they know that coffee is a gateway drug, before they realise they will be on a 6-8 cup a day habbit and fearing the brain worms. But enough of that, I decided against it and just waited patiently and used my “inside voice” to rant  and tried to “force wave” them aside which got me some odd looks and a chuckle from the people behind the counter. I’m sure they thought I was either insane or that they had some kinda anti-jedi power device hidden back there and where taking delight at my feeble attempts to jedi up a storm  🙁
I present you Denis Leary ranting about coffee, some strong language but since it’s on youtube it should be work safe.

By arkique

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