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Covid-19, “Work from home” they said, “what will you do with all your extra spare time?” they said. To hell with that, less spare time than ever and all this being stuck at home being a good human is sapping my will do do anything. I want to travel.. Can’t do that. Being “Day drunk” … Read More

I might be a little bitter because the hamilton…

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I might be a little bitter because the hamilton city council have been at this forway too long. I have lost count of the amount of times the paving has been torn up in garden place. Now finally they are doing something about the giant concrete thing but why start at 6am. Surely the contractors/council … Read More

Rabbits do not need to blink

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I’m not sure if this is the Cajun fries or theĀ  happy hardcore music I’ve been listening to but I have reached the conclusion the rabbits are unnatural. This little critter here, while he looks cute chewing does not blink for 2 minutes. I watched and watched and then watched some more and it does … Read More