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Special Dead
Yes, that is indeed a wheelchair bound dude with a chainsaw. How could that NOT be awesome?! That’s like a drive-by chainsawing! Of ZOMBIES! Let’s get a taste of the plot, shall we?

When a zombie plague infects Camp Special Dude, a dude ranch for the mentally handicapped, a ragtag band of campers and counselors struggles to survive the night. Led by the indifferent, nunchuck-wielding head counselor, Mac, and his wheelchair-bound sister Dale, the unlikely heroes fight their way off the mountain as, one by one, they’re picked off and join the ranks of the walking dead. It’s a campy stampede of blood, boobs and gore as some “very special” people show that they can kick some serious undead ass.

I highlighted my favorite parts of the summary. Almost just highlighted the whole thing, but figured I’d make an effort to pick out some stuff. Such as the nunchuck-weilding, or the girl named “Dale”. Oh yeah, and “Camp Special Dude”. That’s fantastic. I’m just not clever enough to come up with THAT offensive of a name for a summer camp for handicapped people. You can’t fake that kind of artistic mastery.
Now, if horribly mean-spirited movies about zombie retards are too offensive for you, perhaps you’d prefer Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis.


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