Behold its slurm
-= slurm 0.3.3 on =-
xx    x x
x xxx xx xxxx   x               x         xxx  x        xxx xx
xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x   xxxx        xxx    x x     xx  xx xxx x   x  xx     xxx
x               x                      xx
Active Interface: eth0                    Interface Speed: unknown
Current RX Speed: 3.15 KB/s              Current TX Speed: 51.01 KB/s
Graph Top RX Speed: 5.29 KB/s            Graph Top TX Speed: 59.93 KB/s
Overall Top RX Speed: 5.29 KB/s          Overall Top TX Speed: 59.93 KB/s
Received Packets: 178292785           Transmitted Packets: 220161670
GBytes Received: 0.645 GB             GBytes Transmitted: 2.619 GB
Errors on Receiving: 0                Errors on Transmission: 0

By arkique

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