The script for Repo Men actually dates back to late 2003. Screenwriters Eric Garcia and Garrett Lerner began collaborating with director Miguel Sapochnik on a script -based on a novel that was being written by Garcia at the time. In June 2007 production on the film started with Jude Law attached, and the novel has since been published as of March 31, 2009. The plot of the film goes something like this:

In the future you can buy a longer life – engineered organs are available, but at a hefty price. Spare parts are a big business and if you can’t make your payments it’s the Repomen’s job to re-possess them at any cost. Jude law plays a repoman who after an accident receives a new heart and lease on life. With the tables now turned he can no longer bring himself fulfill his duties now that the shoe is on the other foot. Now he is the one who is on the run from the repomen, because his bill is past due.

By arkique

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