PLEN Robot controled by ANDROID OS


Robots really do come in all forms of shapes and sizes. Even if this little guy is pretty generic as far as form-factor goes, it’s what’s under the hood that makes Plen so spectacular. Controlled via the Android operating system, you can remotely navigate this little guy right from the comfort of your very own mobile device via the power of Bluetooth, as long as you happen to be running Google’s Android OS.

He’s the handiwork of Akazawa Japan, and has 18 degrees of freedom along with gyro sensors for balance.  Standing 228mm tall, Akazawa include a specially-created Android app that allows you to program him.

Cute little guy isn’t he? But this cuteness doesn’t come for cheap. You’ll be $3,000 poorer by the time your get your hands on Plen, but on the bright side, you’ll never be alone again. And let’s face it, your mom’s basement was starting to feel a little too open.

By arkique

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