King of Fighters – trailer

Hey all. I found this on YouTube. King of Fighters being made into movie with MaggieQ in it too. Americans taking Japanese game and making it into a movie. They fail so badddd. They failed with Dragonball and Dead or Alive. This will be epic fail on another level. Watch this commentary and tell me what you think.
While hearing closely at the commentary it seems to me ultra fail already and its not even out yet. They get transported to another world and have to fight to become King of Fighters. Sounds so cheesy its like Mortal Kombat and Tekken in one which makes King of Mortal Kombat was set in another world and Maggie Q says “Its like fight club in a way”. Nothing beats fight club. I don’t think this will ever be like fight club
I dont want to sound racist but they are using an american to try to emulate a japanese person. Also Bernice Liu is a Hong Kong actress from TVB. Did not know she was in it. Wow. But it will still be ultimate fail.

By arkique

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