Russian gamers get hot Russian chicks

Not so long ago in Moscow there was held a tournament of Counter Strike 1.6 game. The event didn’t promise too much, just a usual competition between two Russian top teams. They are and forZe, the most famous game crews not only in their homeland, but worldwide also. In the beginning everything’s was as usual, teams were preparing for the game, setting up their devices and etc. Tho there was one “but”: some nameless girls, of which nobody knew, were sitting and walking around the gaming-room. And when the game started, the whole room of a playground turned into a dance floor with loud music and half-naked hot girls. It seems that sponsors of the event wanted to make a surprise for boys and test them for firmness. Let’s see what was more important for hi-tech gamers, pretty girls or their score in the game?

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By arkique

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