His Master's Voice Logo Altered to Promote Twilight Release

Behold the power of Twilight. You’re familiar with painter Francis Barraud‘s most famous painting, His Master’s Voice, which features his dog Nipper listening to a phonograph? If you’re of a certain age and you’ve purchased physical copies of albums before, then of course you are. While the painting has become one of the world’s best-known commercial logos, there’s nothing stopping one of its copyright holders from making the poor old dog do a few tricks here and there. In helping to market the home video release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the British retailer named after the painting, HMV, has redesigned the logo so that Nipper has taken his attention away from the gramophone and is now instead howling at the moon. According to Brand Republic, it’s only the second time the brand has been altered; the first “happened in 2007, when Gromit of Wallace & Gromit fame ‘stood in’ for Nipper.

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