Om nom noms, and then some more nom noms, Look at all this deliciousness :D. I amĀ  a little weirded out by the carrot candy. Not only does it look like a vegetable but it also tastes like carrot? Is this some kinda evil plot to make people like vegetables? Perhaps its a ploy to make candy less appealing to children.
Just going a little “out there”. Could it be that perhaps candy is actually aliens or monsters? Lets assume they don’t want to be eaten and this is some kinda defence mechanism. If it works we might just end up walking down the street and then BAM there we have it a giant candy monster with hundreds and thousands for eyes and candy cane legs. I mean we will need trained professionals to deal with this kind of crisis. I’m doing my part, have you done your part to keep the candy menace at bay?

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By arkique

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