Beijing puts more pressure on religious groups


Imagine if we could do this to churches in western countries. the IRD would have a freaken party.

Beijing has imposed new rules on religious groups in China in an effort to force the groups into reporting all financial transactions.
With the Chinese government interfering even more in the affairs of religious groups, China’s State Religious Affairs Administration has issued financial accounting rules which will give authorities more power over religious activities.
Religions were banned for decades in China, although the constitution now recognises the principle of freedom of religion.
Religious groups are still expected to operate within state-sanctioned entities, which are managed by government officials.
The government officials are able to exercise unilateral power over the groups, including the right to appoint top clergy in all denominations.
From now on, all religious institutions will need to hire accountants and auditors to file annual financial reports to the authorities.
The government has said the rules are designed to
supervise church finances and help prevent misappropriation of funds.
Religious officials believe the authorities simply want to control their activities through constant supervision of their finances.

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