About damn time. I don’t really agree to the whole whaling thing but people have to remember they are only dumb sea mammals. When it comes down to it “can’t we just chill?”
Yes it sounds a little weird but i kinda feel more for the whalers than any of the other guys and if there was a whale burger on sale I would muscle my way to the front of the line. Then again i would do the same for some dog on a stick.

TOKYO — Japan may press charges against a New Zealand anti-whaling activist who boarded one of its ships in Antarctic waters, officials said Tuesday.
Activist Peter Bethune climbed aboard the Japanese fleet’s security ship, the Shonan Maru 2, from a jet ski under cover of darkness early Monday with stated plans to make a citizens’ arrest of its captain Hiroyuki Komiya.
Bethune was captain of powerboat the Ady Gil, which was smashed in a collision with the whaling vessel on January 6, and wanted to detain captain Komiya over the “attempted murder” of its six crew in the crash.
Instead, Japan may now arrest and charge Bethune, who remains in Japanese custody, in the latest chapter of the increasingly heated confrontations between the whalers and the militant Sea Shepherd activists who have harassed them for weeks in international waters.


By arkique

2 thoughts on “Japan may charge anti-whaling activist”
  1. This guy sucks dick! Your a dumb animal! what the fuck hae you done to help the world you know it deep down these so called dumb whales are important to us! and you might not be around to see them all wiped out but my kids and grandkids might be so go fuck your self you little shit!
    Love Nana!

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