5th Grader Suspended for Munching on Special Fruity Pebbles

Last week in Pittsburg, 6 fifth-graders were suspended for indulging in a tasty, stoney snack of fruity pebbles. These were no ordinary fruity pebbles though, these had marijuana cooked into them, school district superintendent Barbara Wilson stated.

When the fifth-grade girl that had brought the snack to school was caught, she immediately ratted out her sister. When the sister was asked how the fifth-grader had obtained the snack, she told police that it was from a medical marijuana dispensary and must have fallen out of her purse, Lt. Brian Addington reported. The fifth-grader that brought the pebbles to school confessed that she did know that they contained marijuana in the end.
Still, no arrests have been made as it is under investigation as to whether or not the big sister had a legitimate card to purchase the marijuana treat at a dispensary.
Lt. Addington made it clear that the children did not eat much. He said that the children consumed only “minute amounts, basically pieces of the pebbles.” After analysis it was confirmed that the pebbles did, in fact, contain THC, the main testable and active drug found in marijuana.
The cloud 9’d fifth-graders were turned in by a couple of their snitching classmates who decided to run and tell the principal. Probably the kids that weren’t allowed to get down.
The kid that brought the pebbles to school was suspended indefinitely until the police are finished with the investigation. The other children that partook in the munchies were suspended only for a day for not telling their teachers.
All of the childrens’ vital signs were completely normal, as would be expected. They were released to their parents by the school that day.
The Principal of the Stoneman school, which hilariously is where this happened, decided to send home a letter telling the parents to teach their kids to report things that they find dangerous. I don’t know if that really applies here….
Lt. Addington also added that adults should be more responsible with “dangerous substances” around children.
I personally don’t think it’s a great thing for fifth-graders to be getting high, and definitely not at school. I still wouldn’t ever consider marijuana a dangerous substance though. I hope that this case gets resolved as smoothly as possible and that the kid gets to stay in school and that his sister doesn’t end up getting arrested.

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