Battle Angel Alita – James Cameron

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[singlepic id=4640 w=320 h=240 float=right]Now that Avatar is in theatres, it’s time for legendary filmmaker James Cameron to set his sights on his next big project. Time and time again, we’ve been hearing that it’ll be Battle Angel Alita, but things are a lot more solid now that Cameron’s partner in crime, Jon Landau, is … Read More

Live Action Tekken Trailer

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The movie adaptation of Namco Bandai’s popular fighter looks deliciously awful. But the fighting game movie bar has been set extremely low for Tekken. The first trailer for the live action flick is heavy on reminding you that someone competing in the Iron Fist tournament is “the people’s choice” and that his mother was killed. … Read More

The Cup of Tears – trailer

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The Cup of Tears trailer has been gathering momentum with fans claiming its beautiful CGI puts that of many Hollywood studios to shame. It’s a unique hybrid, featuring ancient samurai empires battling in a post-apocalyptic future – something you might associate with Asia, but no. Believe it or not, filming was done in Slovenia and … Read More

King of Fighters – trailer

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Hey all. I found this on YouTube. King of Fighters being made into movie with MaggieQ in it too. Americans taking Japanese game and making it into a movie. They fail so badddd. They failed with Dragonball and Dead or Alive. This will be epic fail on another level. Watch this commentary and tell me … Read More