Never Gonna Give It Up, Never Gonna Let You Down

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One of the worst attempts at content control was made when YouTube removed Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” for copyright infringement. It is unclear when exactly they had removed the video, but the Neowin blog discovered it in the wee hours of this morning (Wednesday, 2/24). The hilarious 80’s music video became popular … Read More

The Slumber Party Massacre – Review

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I don’t why I subject myself to these movies but hey maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment. Anyways this afternoon’s movie is “the slumber party massacre“. Now saw this this little gem on the Internet and I thought to myself, “boy this looks so bad as to be truly awful”. And well it was, … Read More

Police Academy 1 (1984) – Review

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The first of a whopping seven films in the series, two short-lived television series, and it’s still the only one worth watching, Police Academy is an amiable, juvenile romp that is recommended for a few belly laughs and a number of moments to smile at. This was one of the most popular of many early … Read More