Am I a Nerd?

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After watching this I am not sure whether I fit into the “Nerd” Category. Do I feel some kind of identity crisis on the horizon… Nope

Things I want: Eco Warrior Shirt

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Once again I made another impulse purchased on the internets. Yes a similar design to this was featured on threadless but the threadless one was crap. This one is far less busy and way more kickass 😀 I cannot wait for this puppy to arrive in the mail. curse New Zealand for being the arse … Read More

Science Fiction Sexy Feature

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Last weekend in Astoria, a sci-fi burlesque show was held. Lovely girls dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element, Starbuck and Caprica Six from Battlestar Galactica, Catwoman, Silk Spectre and more danced and undressed, as you can see in this video (the band, which I believe is AM Preacher, playing “Science Fiction Double Feature,” is … Read More

Tis good to be a geek

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Congratulations, nerds. The geek have inherited the earth, and now skinny, pale guys with thick black-framed glasses are all the rage. Which is great and all, but we really would’ve appreciated this kind of freedom back in our day. See, whippersnappers, when WE were your age you got beat up for being a nerd. It … Read More


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Wow. just wow. I mean Wowsers. I soo want the wrestler and at least 5 zombies. Then I can recreate epic zombie battles. Im just a child The Swedish LEGO blog legobloggen has an interesting bit of news about a collectable series of minifigs to be available next year: “In June 2010, Lego will launch a … Read More