Pac-Man – Not Coming to a Theater near you

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This looks like an awesome indie movie project gone absolutely right 😀 This is what cinematical has to say about it: Pharmaceutical CEO Michael Pacman is forced to take his own dangerous medications in order to survive a maze designed by a sadistic patient out for revenge. This 2-minute trailer satirizes and skewers Hollywood’s love … Read More

Monster Fridge Magnets

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Top (R-L): Jade Crystal Demon, Demon, Evil Wizard & Nefarious Elf. Bottom Row (R-L): Bat Orc, Troll, Battle Orc, Cannibal. Head-on down to to grab yourselves a series of uber-cool sculpted refrigerator magnets from Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins! Only four sets will be made available, with the first batch available today, and … Read More

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Apparently Tinto Brass, notorious smut peddler and director of the 1979 blockbuster failure ‘Caligula’ is set to film the first 3-D adult picture. Brass plans to “revisit an abandoned project about a Roman emperor that was ruined by Americans, and go from there,” something which sounds distinctly like a revisiting of his notorious 1979 film … Read More