19th Jan …. MEGA DOT CO DOT NZ

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So as I woke up this morning I eagerly checked out Dotcoms new venture only to find it’s not online yet. Big Sad Face. I was looking forward to opening my eyes and checking out this tasty new web offering all whilst enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee in bed.I would have assumed given … Read More

Wait, pirates! That Cross Days download is a trap!

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No, this trap is more meta, and potentially more dangerous. Apparently a trojan/virus has been released alongside copies of Cross Days flowing through the Japanese P2P networks, disguised as a fake installer. When activated, the program gathers data from the computer and pretends to take a survey of players, including asking for personal information. Once … Read More

11 Pirate Uploaders Arrested In Japan

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10 guys and 1 chick make up the latest batch of poor bastards caught by Japan’s long hand of the law, over charges of illegal uploading of copyrighted content on the Internet – most notably anime, games, movies and music. Some of the pirated anime titles include the ancient Ranma 1/2, Fresh Precure!, Fullmetal Alchemist, … Read More