Couch Potato Beer Snobs

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Drinking beer while watching TV pretty much defines the life of a couch potato, so any tool that makes those two activities easier makes good sense. We’ve looked at plenty of fancy way to get your frosty brew over to the sofa without getting up, but then you’ll need a way to open it. The … Read More

Reggie Watts: F*ck Sh*t Stack Music Video (NSFW)

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If you have not yet watched the music video for Fuck Shit Stack by Reggie Watts, I would highly recommend doing so — pending that you aren’t easily offended by explicit language, are a minor or generally just have no sense of humor. This there is a similar video of Reggie Doing a live performance … Read More


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Australia is amazing: super-hot women, a beach culture, oceans of cold beer, deep-seeded racism toward aborigines that competes with the U.S.’s treatment of Native Americans, and state-funded television programs. Which brings us to this news story, which would never in a hundred years happen in America A television comedy series about a bong-smoking dog that … Read More


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Rob Zombie directed the episode of “CSI: Miami” that will air on Monday. Below is the preview for that episode, and it actually looks pretty entertaining. Between David Caruso’s overacting and Zombie regulars Michael Madsen and Malcolm McDowell, it looks like a decent way to waste an hour. And the preview even has a Rob … Read More