$280 Million worth of Ethereum locked up in wallets due to wallet vulnerability

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Yowers, looks like there was a flaw in the multi sig wallets for Ethereum. The issue is/was with the “multisignature” wallets  created after the 20th July. Parity multisignature wallets also experienced a vulnerability in July this year that allowed an unknown hacker to steal nearly $32 million in funds these guys are not having a … Read More

Netflix Gateway – DNS solution aka Look what I cobbled together

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Disclaimer This information is provided as is without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the author be liable for any damages whatsoever including direct, indirect, incidental consequential, loss of business profits, or special … Read More

NASA Awesomeness

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I cannot believe how awesome NASA is. Why did the US Gov cut most of their funding?

Design Your Own Processor With Verilog

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Designing a computer from scratch is one of the holy grails of hardware design. For programmable logic, designing your own processor is a huge accomplishment. That’s exactly what [zhemao] has done. He created EZ8, an 8 bit processor is written in Verilog. EZ8 has a 3 stage pipeline, which makes design very interesting. Instruction set … Read More

Wireless Charging… Have a Heart

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[Gal Naim] recently finished off an awesome Valentine’s day present for special someone. It’s a wireless charging heart for your phone! He already had the Qi wireless charger but wasn’t much of a fan as it “looks so boring”. So he took it apart to salvage the charging circuit for his new project. As luck … Read More

RFID Keepsake Box is Sweet and Secure

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[Mike Buss] wanted to make his girlfriend something unique for her upcoming birthday — she had mentioned she wanted something to keep small mementos in, but [Mike] decided to step it up a notch on the awesomeness scale. You see, a few years ago [Mike] read about the Reverse Geocache Puzzle by [Mikal Hart], which … Read More

Confuse the Birds with this Daylight Simulation System

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Hackers love a challenge. So when [Patrick’s] father-in-law asked him to look into a daylight simulation system for his bird breeding cages, [Patrick] quickly discovered the ridiculous prices for commercial systems… so he convinced his father-in-law to let him design and build one instead. Like any project, [Patrick] quickly listed the requirements of the system … Read More

NXP’s ARM Micros With Motor Controllers

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It’s still relitavely early in the year, and all those silicon manufacturers are coming out with new toys to satiate the engineer and hobbyist for years to come. NXP’s offering is the LPC1500, a series of ARM microcontrollers optimized for motor and motion-control applications. The specs for the new chips include an ARM Cortex-M3 running … Read More

An Arduino Programmable Load

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Having a big block of hot to dump current into is a very useful thing to have if you’re testing batteries, power supplies, high power LEDs, electroplating, or any thing else that would normally require a huge resistor. [Jakub] found himself in need of an electronic load, and instead of a transistor and a pot, … Read More

Vintage DACs And A Raspberry Pi

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Before the days of iPod docks in every conceivable piece of audio equipment, most devices were actually built very well. Most shelf top equipment usually came with well designed circuits using quality components, and late 90s CD players were no exception. [Mariosis] heard of some very nice DACs found in some of these units and … Read More