Maddy Soma – OKE

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Climb up and burnvanish like smokethrough a long tunnelAn unreachable devil’s handThat big visionDraw a gallant leggoMake me do thisA level that rises again after polishingBitch don’t kill, gotta make itBurning and swallowing OK EA scene that sticks in your mindBecause it won’t fade, Do my shitSpin that shit changing sceneryWet E Y E to … Read More

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After some disastrous hosting experiences with profoundhost and multiple drive failures .. blah blag blah blah.. site coming back soon, just with less content. T_T

$280 Million worth of Ethereum locked up in wallets due to wallet vulnerability

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Yowers, looks like there was a flaw in the multi sig wallets for Ethereum. The issue is/was with the “multisignature” wallets  created after the 20th July. Parity multisignature wallets also experienced a vulnerability in July this year that allowed an unknown hacker to steal nearly $32 million in funds these guys are not having a … Read More


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